X-Nine – S

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X-Nine – S

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The ARCTIC X-NINE is currently one of the warmest drysuit undergarments on the market. The combination of two layers of Premium Elastic Fleece with an additional 400g Type B Thinsulate™ filling provides an unrivaled insulation. The Premium Elastic Fleece has many positive attributes. To begin with it is lightweight, supple, bi-elastic and highly breathable. In addition, it is washable and provides high wind protection.
Thinsulate™ offers extremely high insulation values compared to similar materials. Furthermore, it is highly breathable as well as moisture absent. This combination guarantees not only extreme insulation from the cold but also a very high wearing comfort. The suit arose from a joint project with 3M™ Germany and has been developed carefully to achieve maximum insulation values. The result of both material layers sewn separately is a highly comfortable, highly flexible, breathable and washable undersuit.

ARCTIC X-NINE – Our Response to cold.

Extreme breathability
The Premium Elastic Fleece steadily protects the skin from moisture.

High wearing comfort
Thanks to the high wearing comfort combined with extremely high insulation characteristics, it is the ideal companion when diving with a trilaminate dry suit. Thanks to the special material combination the ACRTIC X-NINE offers the ideal solution for long and warm dives – especially in colder waters.